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Comfort Point Insulin Syringes are disposable, one-piece syringes manufactured by Exelint International, Co., designed for use by patients who regularly self-administer insulin injections.

Many people don't realize the pain associated with shots, along with lesser side effects like bruising or bumps, is to some extent influenced by syringe design. The size of the needle, tip shape, materials used in manufacturing, and other design factors all influence pain and skin irritation.

Comfort Point Insulin Syringes are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, ideal for patients with an aversion to needles, sensitive skin, or prone to bruising at injection site. The single-piece design is perfect for patients who have difficultly assembling or maintaining reusable syringes, and the markings are clear and easy to see.

Buy Insulin Syringes Designed for Patient Comfort:

Comfort Point Insulin Syringes are designed specifically to reduce discomfort from the injection and associated skin irritation, such as bruising or bumps.

Not many people enjoy getting shots, but with a high-quality syringe the experience can at least be less unpleasant than it otherwise would be. In fact, many users report not just reduced pain at the injection point, but the elimination of pain entirely.

Other qualities that set Comfort Point Insulin Syringes apart from similar products include:
  • Needles are fine and tips are ground to shape for maximum comfort when used
  • Syringes are non-toxic, latex-free, and non-pyrogenic -- will not produce allergic reactions or induce fever
  • All syringes are sterile and brand new; have never been used in needle exchange programs
  • Plunger designed for smooth and accurate filling
  • Markings are precise and easy to read
  • Reduced "dead space" design results in significantly less wasted insulin
  • Reliable product proven to reduce or eliminate pain, bumps or bruising at the injection site
  • High-quality comparable to BD (Beckton, Dickinson) and Terumo syringes, at a competitive price
This product is CE marked for sale in Europe and authorized for sale in the USA, UK, and most other countries. A prescription is not required to buy Insulin Syringes.

Using Comfort Point Insulin Syringes:

Comfort Point Insulin Syringes are disposable one-piece syringes with the needle permanently attached. The syringes are empty and must be filled with insulin by the consumer.

The smooth plunger design gives the user precision control when filling and administering. Because these syringes are designed for relatively small doses of insulin, the overall syringe volume is small. This makes it easier to read the markings and get accurate doses; a larger, multi-use syringe can be confusing and difficult to read properly.

Insulin Syringes come in a variety of sizes and needle lengths. The ideal needle length is dependent on the user's body size and type, and will generally be recommended by a physician. Using the correct needle length will further ease discomfort during use.

Disposable syringes should only be used once -- needle tips are very fine and will become blunt with repeated use, increasing discomfort and bruising. Additionally, without proper sterilization, used needles also increase the risk of introducing bacteria to unused insulin as well as the injection site.

Used syringes should be disposed of properly; the needle guard should always be replaced prior to discarding to prevent accidental puncturing. Never share used syringes!

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